Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spacing out in class

The Science Communication program has been nothing but opportunities since day one.  It’s now the middle week number six of this year’s Science Communication program and it seems like so much has happened!

Thinking back to day one of the SciComm program, I remember being extremely nervous to meet my new classmates.  We spent the morning introducing ourselves and getting to know Science North – our new home for the next year!   Right after lunch, we headed over to Laurentian University to observe a film shoot about re-greening in Sudbury.  We also took our very first group photo!

Sudbury Re-greening Film Shoot. Left to Right: Kevin McAvoy, James Baxter Gilbert, Justin So, Jenn McCallum, Myles Carter, Steph Lynn-Russell, Merissa Scarlett, Julie Fisowich, Holly Baker, Iara Dos Santos, Sarah Bouchard, Mylene Lenzi.

At the end of the day, we were in a Science North boardroom listening to Dr. Dave talk about the history of Science North (Dr. Dave helped found Science North back in the day!  He even showed us some blueprints of Science North!).  All of a sudden, we hear a knock of the door and a lady pokes her head in the room to ask Dr. Dave if Marc Garneau could come in for a quick visit.

Not too sure who Marc Garneau is?  Marc Garneau was the first Canadian astronaut to fly in space back in October 1984.  Now, he has made a total of 3 trips to space and was the president of the Canadian Space Agency for 5 years.  Marc Garneau is now a Liberal member of Parliament and came back to Sudbury at the end of August for the Liberal caucus retreat.

Marc Garneau came into our classroom and we had a chance to ask him a couple of questions before he toured around Science North.  Stephanie even asked him what it was like to be in space – very cool!

I think that because it was day one, we were a little bit nervous to take any photos of Marc Garneau.  However, to remember this exciting visit, I did keep an article from the Northern Life, one of Sudbury’s local newspapers!  We tried our best to scan it in!

(Northern Life, Sept 3, 2009)

I went home that day and said, “Well, I think that this is going to be a great year!”  Going to a commercial shoot, meeting Marc Garneau and having a great time with all of my new friends?  By far, that was the best first day of school ever.

To learn more about Marc Garneau and the 25th year of Canadian space travel, check out CBC News.

Sarah Bouchard, B.Sc., B.Ed.

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