Friday, November 13, 2009

Portfolio Building 3: Science writing

There are many chances to 'walk the talk' as Dr. Dave calls it, or 'practice what you preach'. This past weekend, Kevin wrote an article for the Sudbury Star (the local paper) on the science of Star Trek. Expect more articles from Kevin and the rest of the class on a variety of science topics.

Although our program is not specifically geared towards science journalism, there are plenty of ways for us to practice science writing. It may be through writing science reviews to doing special projects in our GRA. This blog is another way to practice our science communication.

When trying to build your portfolio consider writing for your University or local newpaper. There are also lots of online kids science magazines that take submissions from people like Curiocity, Yes Mag, or more formal sites like

Lastly, if you want to be a good writer, you should be a good reader. By reading science blogs, magazines and books you can get a feel for the elements of good science writing. Reading all sorts of other topics may also help you relate your science topic to everyday life.

For great examples of science essays, look up books by David Suzuki or Stephen Jay Gould. There is also a wonderful series called 'The Best American Science Writing'. I'm reading the latest 2009 book and they have some really great pieces of science writing. You can also check out the Canadian Science Writers Association for more information on the topic.

So keep reading and and writing and I'll keep you up to date on our latest publications.

- Justin