Thursday, December 10, 2009

Latest articles from the Science Communication class

Classes are over, but we're still working away at our projects. As Sarah mentioned, we have two papers due Monday and we just finished a week of various presentations.We have our extracurricular projects too! We always try to "walk the talk" as Dr. Dave always says. So here are some of the latest articles written by us for local newspapers.

Jenn McCallum wrote the article, "Vitamin C, colds and health" for the Sudbury Star (Dec 5, 2009). It gives the history and clears up the issues about fighting colds with Vitamin C. My (Justin So) article on "Confronting the challenge of Aboriginal Diabetes" was published in The Northern Life (Dec 2, 2009). It talks about the issues surrounding aboriginal diabetes and the local cafe scientifique on it.


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