Thursday, December 31, 2009

Listing of Careers and Jobs in Science Communication

I came across a brilliant blog post that listed various organizations where science communicators could find a career or job. The list is compiled by Jo Brodie on the blog Stuff that occurs to me.

Although many people have careers in science communication in North America, they are not necessarily thought of as science jobs. They are thought of as communication positions. However the term science communicator is slowly being incorporated into employment listings.

The listing is mainly based on vacancies and organizations in London, where I assume the author is from. Nonetheless, it gives a great idea of the types of organizations which could potentially hire you. As Jo Brodie notes, the listing is heavily weighted towards biology / medicine, but it is still a fairly comprehensive list. I think I'll have to start compiling a list for Canada.....


  1. Thank you for your very kind words! Glad you like the list, and yes - I am from London :)

    I started the list about 7 years ago when I decided I'd rather be working in science communication than working in a lab. Initially the world of #scicomm seemed more geared towards people working in science centres, or doing television / radio work - this wasn't really for me.

    While looking for jobs I came across a vacancy in a medical charity library (where I'm still working). Reading between the lines of the job description it was clear that communicating science (and health / medicine) to the public, healthcare professionals and colleagues was going to be a big part of the role. However at that time the medical charity sector didn't seem to feature very much on the scicomm radar - I wasn't sure if people doing the same job as me really thought of themselves as 'science communicators'.

    Since then, many more health charities have made science communication an overt part of their remit eg 'research communications officer' or 'research liaison officer'.

    There's a mailing list you and your colleagues might like - google for PSCI-COM JISCMAIL - it's based in the UK but there are people from all over the world on it.

    I don't know too much about the world of science communication beyond the UK (to be honest, barely beyond London!) but I am aware that the UK's annual Cheltenham Science Festival held the first International Science Festival (I think it was in St Louis) either earlier this year (09) or last year (08).

    Of course everyone's been communicating science for years, but you're probably right that the idea of 'science communication' as a field in its own right has taken a little while to get underway.

    I've still got medical writing and pharmaceutical companies to add to the list - I don't think it will ever be finished!