Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Surfing for Science

In Surfing for Science we explore articles and videos on the web about science communication.
  • Is social media a fad? More likely, Social media is a Revolution. This video by Socialnomics details some facts on social media that are hard to ignore. See how social media stacks up to other types of media and how important it is to the present and future generations. Social media a fad? I think not. 
  • Michael McRae, a science educator from Australia discusses how science communication and education relate in the blog post Science Communication and education - Micahel McRae from PodBlack Cat. He gives some tips and pointers for teaching science in school and how to be an effective science communicator.
  • Are protests a good way of getting your message across? Framing science discusses how Protests in Copenhagen are unlikely to be an effective communication strategy. Although protests are organized by passionate people, their message is often unclear. The campaigns tend to appeal to like-minded protestors, however does the message appeal to the general public? How the protests are covered in the news can also hurt the message they are trying to communicate.
  • How important is blogging to science communication? It is another way of engaging the public in science and it is gaining more attention each day. Blogging provides a way for scientists to directly communicate with the interested public. Michael White from Adaptive Complexity talks about Why You should Blog and how it complements professional journalism.

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