Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twas the night before... the last day of classes.

Well, with a snow storm in Sudbury, semester one is coming to a close!  It has been quite the experience!  The last month has been really busy for all of us!  We have spent hours working on presentations for various classes (such as our Audiences and Issues class, where we had to present any science topic to a chosen audience) and preparing for final papers and assignments.  Now that classes are done for the semester, we have less than a week to finish up our two final papers before enjoying a relaxing holiday season!
All I can say is how lucky we are to have such a supportive bunch!  With all of the work to get done in this program, it can be overwhelming at times!  Being able to go out and enjoy the activities going on in and around Sudbury (between paper-writing and presentation-preparing sessions, of course!) has been one of our main stress relievers this semester!
Every year at Science North, there is the Festival of Lights, where the parking lot at Science North gets set up with beautiful displays of Christmas lights!  Parking lot entrance is by donation only and raises money for local charities.  Some of us spent an evening there walking around in the snow enjoying the lights!  The night we went, we donated towards the Ten Rainbows Foundation.  Check out the Science North media release  for more information about the Festival of Lights.

Julie, Holly, Sarah and Merissa at the Festival of Lights

This year, we also had a great time at Chantal’s annual Christmas party!  (For those who don’t know, Chantal is one of the Co-Directors of the Science Communication Program.  She is in charge of a lot and also teaches us a few classes!)  Although there was not much snow on the ground last night (and just so you all know, there is PLENTY of snow today), everyone had a great time outdoors sliding, and had an extremely relaxing and fun evening! 

SciComm Students having fun in the snow at Chantal's...

We all want to extend very warm thanks to Chantal and her family for hosting us!  We had a great time and really appreciate how much you and all of the other Science Communication staff really make us feel like family!

I wish all my fellow Science Communicators a happy holiday and very good luck on finishing up those two papers!  We are (almost) half way there – We will soon have our G.Dips (I put that in there for you, Myles)! 
Also, for fun, here is a remake of “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore – but this time, it’s SciComm style!  I had some help from Julie and Holly! Also, please note that the reason I went into Science Communication is because my forte is in science – and not poetry.  Enjoy!


'Twas the night before the last day of class, when all through Chantal’s house
The SciComm students were tired, but not quiet like mouse...s
The Secret Santa gifts were put under the tree with care,
In hopes that we would be able to open them there;
Chantal’s kiddies were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Julie’s shortbread cookies danced in their heads;
And the SciComm students who had gotten dressed and said some puns,
Had just run outside for some fantastic sliding fun,

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I ran down to the lake to see what was the matter.
Mylene’s sliding was fast – she flew like a flash,
Into the tree she had a big crash!
The moon was out but there wasn’t much snow
Kevin and James ran into rocks and objects below,
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But more SciComm students, and all of their sliding gear,

With her expertise, so lively and quick,
Out came Chantal with all of her sliding tricks!
As soon as she spoke, quiet we became
And she whistled, and shouted, and called us by name;
“Now, Justin! now, James! now, Merissa and Mylene!
On, Kevin! on Steph! on, Myles and Jenn!
Slide to the bottom of the hill! On the way down, don’t hit the wall!
(Then) It’s cold outside so let’s go inside, that is all!" 

Not quite as fast as the speed of light,
We went inside – it was quite a sight,

So up to the living room we all quickly flew,
With our rosy red cheeks, and Iara’s crutches too.
And then, I hear, beginning in the other room
The “Happy Birthday” song – Holly’s 23rd Birthday I assume.
As Sarah busted out the camera, and got ready to picture take,
In came Justin with a homemade red velvet cake.
Holly blew out her candles with all the strength that it took,
And I hoped that her cake would taste as delicious as it looked.

With all of our plans right on track,
Our gifts, one by one, we began to unpack.
To each person, the gifts Justin did carry!
As we opened the gifts we all were so merry!
Despite these events, the excitement was getting a little low,
After a day full of science presentations, we were tired, you know!
Some girls wound down doing dishes in the kitchen,
Despite Chantal’s orders not to do them.

We also grabbed some extra cookies to fill up our bellies,
And drank our hot chocolate and apple drink that were wonderful-smelling.
The guys and Merissa went out for some air,
While Iara sat on the couch, her sore knee and upcoming papers her only cares;
A look at Holly and the drop of her head,
“I think she’s falling asleep by the fire,” I said;
She must have been dreaming of quarks or quirks,
And we knew we should head home so tomorrow we could do homework,

Getting all bundled up to drive home in the cold,
We were told to check our emails to see how Wednesday’s class would unfold;
We were thankful for Chantal and family’s hospitality,
Because we had a fantastic time – honestly.
I don’t think I heard it (but I know everything thought it) as we drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

Have a safe and happy holiday!

Science Communication Class Christmas Photo 2009
-    Sarah

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