Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adventures in SciComm: Science Centre Showdown

If you watch The Discovery Channel, you may or may not have tuned in to watch The Daily Planet's "Greatest Show Ever" to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary.  As a part of Science North, our class had the opportunity to participate in this episode through a science centre showdown in which science centres across Canada competed with science demonstrations. Jalyn, Steph and Josh volunteered for the demonstration.

From Josh:
School started just over a month ago and I have already been on national television; what other program offers an opportunity like that? At the beginning of September we were asked by the science centre staff if any of us would like to participate in Science North's entry into Daily Planet's Science Centre Showdown. Jalyn, Steph and myself were lucky enough to be chosen to help out. The day before filming we were taught the experiment and went to dress rehearsal with the rest of the team. A few hours of practice and we were set.

The next night, a Monday in mid-September, we met in the Vale Inco Cavern at Science North. The crew from the Discovery Channel was already there when we arrived and ready to go. Filming is a long process and a long set up for a quick experiment meant a lot of downtime on the set. But good pizza and great company meant that we all had fun. The rest of the class showed up to watch a take of the experiment, and so did Alan Nursall, Daily Planet television personality and exhibits professor for the program. Between takes we were able to talk to the crew from Discovery Channel about their jobs and the traveling they get to do; their next stop after Science North was the Discovery Centre in Halifax. Many hours, and many takes later we were done filming.

Last night, a month after filming, the final product finally aired. The hours we spent at Science North filming had been edited down to just over two minutes, but I saw each of us a few times. It may have only been for a few seconds, but the three of us can say we were on Daily Planet's Greatest Show Ever! It was the experience of a lifetime and a great way to start off the year.
 If you missed The Daily Planet's Greatest Show Ever, you can catch it online here (Science North appears at the 10:30 mark).


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