Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Introducing: The Class of 2011

Finally!  Some technical difficulties have delayed any recent blog updates, but it seems that all of the kinks have been worked out and that 2011's Science Communication class is ready for a new year of adventures in communication practices.  We have a large class this year, coming from various backgrounds -- our diversity seems to complement us well!

From classmate and fellow web-editor, Linda:

Here we are, already more than a month into the new school year. There's a record 15 of us this year, so expect to be hearing a lot about our antics. We've already done a lot, like a field trip to Onaping Falls, tree planting at the Roots and Shoots conference, and some of us participated in the Science Center Showdown for Daily Planet.

Coming up soon will be posts on each of those events with pictures. Keep reading the blog to stay up to date what we are doing and working on in Science Communication.

Expect many posts within the next few days to cover recent events.  As a class we have been involved in all sorts of activities in and around Sudbury (and consequently all sorts of stories have been collected).  

Welcome, Class of 2011!

- Nina

Science Communication Class of 2011 in front of our future home at the Living with the Lakes Centre.

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