Thursday, July 7, 2011

Internship Spotlight: Nina

Nina - Laurentian University

For my internship I got to work in the Communications Department for my alma mater Laurentian University. It was almost surreal to have my office - yes, my very own office! - in the very place I had spent the past five years studying.

My work involved interviewing researchers at Laurentian University and writing articles about them. I learned the differences between writing copy intended for print material (such as magazines) and for web content. I was ever-so thankful for the lessons in interview skills that we got from Ruth and Dave in mass media class - they certainly came in handy from day one.

I also got to do research on the history of research at Laurentian to write a retrospective piece - this involved delving into archives and articles and learning so much about Laurentian's past.

The most interesting aspect of my internship was having the time to sit down with researchers from various fields including genetics, sports psychology, engineering, social work, and northern and rural health, and learning about the research that they have been conducting here in Sudbury at Laurentian. I even got to interview some of my past professors and see a whole new side to them that I had not taken the time to notice when I was sitting through lectures and cramming for exams.

I feel that it is very important for universities to communicate their current research endeavours to the public - not only for recruiting new students, but to inform and interest the people who might not realize that Laurentian is on its way to becoming a research university. I am glad to have been a part of this communication effort, and I look forward to seeing my work incorporated into the new Laurentian website!