Saturday, May 12, 2012

Internship Spolight: Chantelle

Chantelle is working with Let's Talk Science in London, Ontario.  She is one of three Science Communication students (and alumni!) working there.  Keep reading to find out more about her first few weeks...

Holly Baker (class of 2010), Susie Taylor (class of 2011) and Chantelle Lafleur (class of 2012) at Let's Talk Science.
From Chantelle:

             For the past few weeks I have been interning for the Outreach team at the Let’s Talk Science national office in London, ON. My main role is to support the Outreach team with a number of projects that they have on the go and to assist with other Let’s Talk Science team members as well. My first couple of weeks interning here were very busy as Let’s Talk Science is preparing for the All Science Challenge - a fun filled questioning and answering day where grade 6, 7 and 8 students are tested on their science knowledge. This event is happening at 22 universities across Canada this year, and much preparation has gone into making sure that these events are a huge success.
        My role in all of this preparation was to create a media release template for the sites to use to generate a media alert about their event for their local media. Along with this template, I also wrote specific media alerts for a few of the sites that had interesting components involved and a general press release that would be available for press at all of the sites. I am also responsible for tracking all the media attention that the All Science Challenge brings.
         I have also been writing a number of web stories for the national Let’s Talk Science website. These stories describe different events that Let’s Talk Science is holding or different volunteers that Let’s Talk Science wishes to recognize. I have also partnered with a few members of the Outreach team to brainstorm new ideas to enhance an activities database. This database is designed to allow volunteers to upload activities that they present so that other volunteers can find new activities to present themselves. I have been working on creating a new method to organize this database so that volunteers will be able to find a specific activity much more easily. Lastly, the Outreach team has been working on creating a new Outreach Operations Video Manual for all of the coordinators at their sites. I am helping this process by editing video, voice-overs and a powerpoint slideshow together to create the final product.
        My first two weeks at Let’s Talk Science have been great. Every project that is begun at Let’s Talk Science is done so with the goal that it will increase science literacy in children, and the staff all work together as one large team to ensure that each task is completed. Each staff member is very friendly and helpful, and have made me feel very welcome during my time there. I am looking forward to what comes in the upcoming weeks! 

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